Understanding the pulse of medical real estate since 1985. Get in touch with us if you're debating whether to build, buy, invest or in need of leasing and/or management assistance. We're your complete medical facility resource.


The Castlebrook Team was founded in the 1980s to work with Owners to effectively manage their properties in a cost-effective manner. For some this meant maximizing a property’s value over a short-term, for others it meant maximizing value over the long term. Recognizing the value of professional management that is not only focused on short-term operations, but also able to bring into perspective how short-term investments and decisions affect the longer term operation can save headaches and bring significant savings. For example, by doing a return on investment analysis on investment in energy saving devices, positive benefits are reaped down the road, not only in cashflow, but in quality of employee/tenant satisfaction and in the appearance of the properties. Castlebrook provides a needed buffer through their professional management of properties. So whether it is a single property or a group of properties, Castlebrook is ready to provide professional management services to free up the medical professional and staff to focus on their medical practice.


Over the course of 30 plus years, we have been involved in the transitions of many Professional Associations control from a Developer and/or a “delegated” Medical Practitioner who “inherited” management responsibilities of an Association. We have seen Association Dues used by Developers to subsidize their Development Operations at the expense of the other Owners, and we have seen Medical Practices suffer due to administrative resources being diverted to managing an Association and misplacing the true focus of their Medical Practices. Castlebrook can bring a professional approach to resolving these situations and providing a professional approach to maintaining, managing and enhancing the Owner’s Investments by advising and taking the direction from the Owner Association's elected Board of Directors.


We are advocates for both owners and tenants. Medical real estate is in a constant state of evolution, to keep up with the changing needs of the medical community. Properties must be built to effectively address these changing demands as well as to be able to adapt to evolving needs down the road. On occasion, properties become functionally obsolescent, needing to be removed from the potential medical real estate pool. Zoning and code requirements can further limit what properties can be used for, i.e. medical purposes. Castlebrook stands ready to advise medical practitioners through this maze. Five primary needs we address :

  • to source locations and places of business convenient to physician’s targeted patient base
  • to find properties reflecting the image that complements the practice
  • to provide access to ancillary medical resources for referrals and synergy
  • to allow medical professionals the opportunity to maximize use of their time
  • to educate re the cost-effective benefits of either owning or leasing an office

We provide comprehensive brokerage services for both buyers and sellers. Lease payment is tax deductible, landlords contribute toward cost of finish-out, you have expansion and other flexibility.


Through Castlebrook’s involvement in the Medical Community since the late eighties, we have been called on assist our Clients in finding suitable Medical Investments. Many Investors like the stability and professional clientele associated with investing in Medical Property. Castlebrook is ideally suited to meet this need in finding those opportunities for their clientele.


Many times, a medical professional just wants guidance with their real estate decisions. Castlebrook stands ready to render this assistance on an hourly and/or contingency basis. Many times this might just involve just bringing in an outside perspective to an existing situation. At other times it might mean the need to just provide a resource to quarterly monitor compliance to lease or debt agreements. We help professionalize the relationships and/or provided a needed buffer with related entities, whether they be family or business associates.


Castlebrook offers construction management services. We can help put together a development team of architect, land planner, general contractor, interior designer and financial sources to make a ground-up development and/or renovation/adaptation of an existing Asset. We provide monitoring of project progress and pre-legal dispute resolution services, if necessary.

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